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“This is a pilot project preceding a longer, more extensive live run event to take place in 2020 over fourteen consecutive days, following the Thames from Source to Sea. For both projects mobile and Internet technologieswill be at the heart of the work and key to the mediation of the artwork as a live event, where audiences will beable to track the artist’s movements live through GPS tracking, live streaming and social media.

“Thames Run (Greater London) will follow a similar pattern over three consecutive days, following the Thames fromWest to East from the edge of one boundary to the other, across Greater London.

“The three days has been conceived to coincide with the time-frame of the Open Studios at APT Studios & Gallery, Deptford, where the artist has a studio. This will be used as a physical hub during the event.

“Starting at Hampton Court approximately 11am on Friday 27 September, the running route will be split intosections of approximately 16 miles a day , favouring either the North or the South side of the river. (This will not bedecided until the start). Whatever route is taken will cross through London boroughs bordering the river, endingeither in Erith or Rainham.

“The journey be relayed and viewable live online using GPS tracking , live streaming and social media. The artist willbe active online and on social media in the days preceding the event. She will also write a blog during the event atthe end of each day.

“The artist will host a talk/tour at APT Studios and Gallery, at 5pm (TBC) on Friday 27September, marking the first day of the run and the opening event for APT Open Studios.”

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