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For this performance lecture Beth brings a not often spoken of aspect to the dialogue around running and art, drawing from her own personal experience as a running artist, an injured runner, and someone who has dealt with disordered eating. Knowing that the R.A.N launch will not fail in highlighting the many benefits of running, Beth have decided to focus on the fact that without balance, running can also become something entirely counter-productive; an act of pure depletion. She explores how the exhausted, hurt and hungry body can be yet another result of the colonial mindset which becomes manifest within the runner, and how important it is to learn the “art of not running”, and the idea of “surrender”, allowing the body to speak for itself.

Through this discussion Beth will showcase her own body of work as a running artist, in which she navigates the journey from the macho runner, to the injured non-runner, to find the way to the full potential of the discursive, progressive runner.

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The Art of Not Running